ZAKSKE 13 BB Guesthouse

The 150-room ZAKSKE 13 BB Guesthouse is a colorful and upbeat spot that tourists love to stay all year round. Perhaps, this could be as a reason for its proximity to both the local and international airports.

Although The ZAKSKE 13 BB Guesthouse is not close to the center of the city, it makes up for this by ensuring that every visitor who wants to tour the city uses their free bus service.

The rooms at The ZAKSKE 13 BB Guesthouse are deluxe, yet surprisingly affordable. Breakfast is free, and guests can also enjoy local and intercontinental cuisine at little or no extra costs.

The ZAKSKE 13 BB Guesthouse is close to the largest mall in the city, so guests can just take a short walk to the shopping complex.

Fitness enthusiasts can make use of the gym and sunbathers can make use of the private beach of The ZAKSKE 13 BB Guesthouse.

Guests are also treated to free internet services or WiFi, and the lively band at the poolside bar and restaurant can entertain guests all night long without disturbing the peace of those resting in their rooms.

All in all, The ZAKSKE 13 BB Guesthouse is a great choice for any visitor who wants to have a stopover or tour the city.

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