Malie Hotel Utrecht

The Malie Hotel Utrecht has everything you’d expect from a first-class hotel. It is luxurious, discreet, nice facilities, and attentive staff.

The Malie Hotel Utrecht’s facilities may be lavish; the rooms are very affordable. Its location in the central part of the city also makes it easy to locate on Google Maps. It is the perfect location for any visitor that has to do business in town without the hassles of fighting the traffic.

The grounds of The Malie Hotel Utrecht is a cross-section of value and luxury as every visitor has access to both the cold and warm swimming pools, sauna baths, spa, and the gym at no extra costs.

Guests are greeted on arrival on the plush grounds of The Malie Hotel Utrecht, and the concierge takes care of your luggage. The rooms are airy, comfortable, and overlook the Atlantic Ocean.

They are also air-conditioned so that guests can cool off the heat from the weather that is prevalent at this time of the year.

Guests are treated to early morning breakfasts for free, and room service is just a phone call away. The dishes are intercontinental, prepared by experienced chefs and served by ever-smiling staff.

Without any doubt, The Malie Hotel Utrecht is an excellent option for anyone looking to save a few bucks without sacrificing luxury.

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