Liostasi Hotel & Suites

The Liostasi Hotel & Suites has gorgeous rooms, perfect Olympic-style swimming pools, and superb ocean views. The Liostasi Hotel & Suites can be said to be a small slice of paradise on the coast. Guests looking to enjoy sunshine-filled vacations can visit this exotic haven at very affordable costs.

The proximity of The Liostasi Hotel & Suites to the international airport makes it perfect for guests who are looking for a brief stopover before continuing their trips. Incidentally, The Liostasi Hotel & Suites is also close to the center of the city, so guests who visit via the train station can get to the hotel within five minutes after disembarking from the train.

The deluxe guest rooms are highly impressive, with everything in sight made of marble. Breakfast is free for every guest, and there is free Wi-Fi, free access to the fitness center, and the swimming pools.

The six casinos on the grounds of The Liostasi Hotel & Suites are open 24/7 and guests can wander in at any time to try their luck at the roulette tables or play poker.

The Liostasi Hotel & Suites has four restaurants that provide local and international dishes for guests. It is one of the most notable hotels in the area and always fully booked all year round.

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