Hotel Zentrum

The Hotel Zentrum allows guests to bring their pets and take care of them at no extra charge, which is why visitors give the hotel a “thumbs up” for topnotch service when it comes to taking care of their pets.

The Hotel Zentrum, which is amazingly budget-friendly, is located in the central part of the city and despite the hubbub of city life, the environment is surprisingly tranquil and homely in a good way. There is a free shuttle service to and from the international airport as well as the train stations in the city.

The Hotel Zentrum offers good discounts for guests who stay for more than three nights at a stretch and also provide limousine services for businesspeople.

There is free breakfast for every guest, free Wi-Fi, and the lobby is set up like co-working spaces, complete with couches, high-top tables, and dining tables. Each of these tables has built-in power outlets for guests who will like to charge their laptops and smartphones. Check-in is easy, quick, and smooth.

The interior design of The Hotel Zentrum is modern, even though the structure itself is from the 18th century. Each room at The Hotel Zentrum has its own kitchen, though guests seldom use make use of them.

Other amenities that guests can enjoy at The Hotel Zentrum are swimming pools, poolside bars with their own jukeboxes that churn out old school music at all times, and state-of-the-art fitness centers.

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