Hotel Villa Real

The check-in process at The Villa Real Hotel is impressive; everything works out like clockwork on oiled springs and guests are ushered into their luxury suites within minutes. The rooms are fit for kings, and the waterbeds can be converted to conventional beds at the press of a button for guests who don’t fancy waterbeds.

The bathrooms are well-tiled, with clean towels and bathrobes. All a guest needs to do to summon a hotel staff is to press a button at the side of the bed.

The Villa Real Hotel is located just five kilometers away from the international airport, and ideal for people looking to stopover for one night.

The Villa Real Hotel hosts a nightclub within its premises where guests can unwind and meet up with business associates or partners. It has six Olympic-style swimming pools, two golf courses, and seven restaurants that provide dishes from all around the world.

The Villa Real Hotel is a home away from home and one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in the city. What is more, it is surprisingly inexpensive!

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