Chateau Herálec

The Chateau Herálec Hotel is situated near the heart of the city, yet, the quiet environment gives the impression that the hotel is somewhere far away from civilization.

The Chateau Herálec Hotel has a smooth check-in process; each guest is expected to book beforehand though because the rooms are nearly always taken up, and out-of-the-blue visitors may not get room to stay in. That may be a downside, but then it goes to show how remarkable the hotel is.

The Chateau Herálec Hotel has two pool rooms for lovers of the game, three golf courses, three Olympic-style swimming pools, a gym fitted with the latest pieces of fitness equipment, and free Wi-Fi for everyone.
The Chateau Herálec Hotel, unfortunately, has no restaurant, but a poolside bar that boasts of old and new alcoholic beverages. Another impressive thing about The Chateau Herálec Hotel is the parking garage which is situated at the top of the imposing structure.

There is a helipad at the very top of The Chateau Herálec Hotel that caters to anyone who can afford a helicopter service. Best of all, all the services offered at The Chateau Herálec Hotel are inexpensive, save perhaps the helicopter service.

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