Airport Hotels

When choosing the best airport hotels in the world, criteria such as the general guest experience in the hotel, the connection to the airport and the friendliness of the staff at the reception, in the restaurant and in other hotel areas play a role.

In addition, the guests’ esteem, cleanliness and equipment of the rooms, sleeping comfort, fitness, wellness and leisure facilities and the quality of the gastronomy are evaluated. And, of course, the price-performance ratio also plays a role.

These are our Top 10 Airport Hotels of 2019:

Plaza de las Cortes, 10, 28014 MadridOur Review9.6Book here!
Steinpl. 4, 10623 BerlinOur Review9.6Book here!
582 55 HerálecOur Review9.6Book here!
Dietla 60, 31-039 KrakówOur Review9.6Book here!
Rynek Główny 11, 31-042 KrakówOur Review9.5Book here!
Ios Cyclades, 84001, Greece, Ios Cyclades 840 01Our Review9.3Book here!
Roßmarkt 7, 60311 Frankfurt am MainOur Review9.2Book here!
Maliestraat 2, 3581 SL UtrechtOur Review9.2Book here!
14 Rue Beaujon, 75008 ParisOur Review8.8Book here!
Zakske 13, 8000 BruggeOur Review8.8Book here!

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