The perfect Hotel – These 10 Hotels did convince us

Sometimes luxurious, sometimes extraordinary, sometimes inexpensive – hotels are more versatile than ever. But which are the best in Europe?

Affordable accommodations in Rome, Paris or Berlin, but also luxury beach resorts on the Mediterranean are included in the list of the 100 most beautiful hotels in Europe.

With the help of a 29-strong jury consisting of hotel designers, tourism experts and travel journalists, the travel magazine “Egozearch” has divided the hotels into ten categories and selected a winner in each category. The travel reporter introduces you to the first places.

Here are Our Top 10 of those Hotels:

Plaza de las Cortes, 10, 28014 MadridOur Review9.6Book here!
Steinpl. 4, 10623 BerlinOur Review9.6Book here!
582 55 HerálecOur Review9.6Book here!
Dietla 60, 31-039 KrakówOur Review9.6Book here!
Rynek Główny 11, 31-042 KrakówOur Review9.5Book here!
Ios Cyclades, 84001, Greece, Ios Cyclades 840 01Our Review9.3Book here!
Roßmarkt 7, 60311 Frankfurt am MainOur Review9.2Book here!
Maliestraat 2, 3581 SL UtrechtOur Review9.2Book here!
14 Rue Beaujon, 75008 ParisOur Review8.8Book here!
Zakske 13, 8000 BruggeOur Review8.8Book here!

Book the hotel several months in advance and then stay the whole holiday in this one accommodation? It has been a long, long time since we last booked a hotel in this way.

Especially since we have made so many road trips, we often take care of the hotel booking very spontaneously. Because we just want to be spontaneous during a long trip and stay longer in a nice place.

In addition, we know from experience that you so often change the route completely, be it on a road trip or another longer trip.

It is almost impossible to book all accommodations in advance. Also during our three-week trip to Australia we had again ten different accommodations, which we almost all booked very spontaneously.

And in the past years we have of course collected a lot of tips for the organization, but also the selection of the right hotel, which I would like to share with you today.

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